Photo Gallery

2008, 1st prize to Rita & Ron

2007, 1st prize once again to, Sandy & Dan...pic to follow.

2006, 1st Prize goes to, Sandy & Dan!

First Prize Winners. Sandy & Dan (Students of Brad & Penny)

2005 Party

Could that be Shirley?     Ahoy Matie, it's Amanda & Toni    Hey Sassy...seen Jerry?

2004 Party

Thanks to everyone who attended

Come on In...If you dare!Ist Place, the muskateers, where did the 3rd go? 2nd prize goes to...Brad & Penny, our tacky touristsBrenda & our tourists well needed direction 
Another example of Shirley's creativity Let me outta here, I wanna party.  Rest in pieces Wow, this dancin sure tires a person out.

Pictures courtesy of  Penny Gollen & Anto (Toni)

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